Boston for the Weekend

There’s a special type of homesickness that comes around with the changing of the weather.

Alec Hutson makes thinking music. Wistful by the open window music. He makes lover’s music. And lovers’ music.  Sweating-hard-from-singing-your-little-heart-out-on-the-interstate music. And always real musician’s music: technical, punchy, intricate. Usually, it’s all these things at the same time. A veteran of the New England festival and venue scenes, Hutson mixes his silky voice with an innovative multi-instrumentalism to create “a groovy indie sound that’s both catchy and contemplative” (WBUR ARTery). With a new single following the release of his two part album Suspended Animation, Hutson has proven time-and-again to possess that rarest of gifts: a talent for creating music of the moment, whatever that moment may be.


– Maxwell Cohen

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