• Alec Hutson

    New EP Bear Bones now available for download!


“Having worked on Alec’s new cd in my studio, I’ve had a chance to see him work under a microscope. At every phase of the project he very much impressed me with his natural musicality as well as his clear focus and vision. He sings with pitch perfect conviction and his voice is expressive and distinctive. The songs he’s written seem like they were written by a much older and experienced composer, very deep, intelligent and quirky. And he plays damn good guitar too. With a little business help this man will have a great career in music.”

Jim MatusOld Schoolhouse Recording Studio

“The musicianship is fantastic, but the real star of the show is Alec Hutson’s voice. I love this dude’s vocal work here. Really something great!”

Brian CarrolRed Line Roots

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